Jacob Ginesin

I'm an undergraduate at Northeastern University double-majoring in computer science and mathematics. I'm interested in the formalization and verification of interesting and useful systems, as well as the logical foundations of mathematics and computing. My previous work involves system and network security. I'm thankful to have worked under the various supervisions of Cristina Nita-Rotaru at Northeastern University, Jelena Mirkovic at USC, and Christoph Haase at Oxford.

Contact Me

Please reach out by email: ginesin (dot) j (at) northeastern (dot) edu
Alternatively, on social media: LinkedIn, and GitHub.

Publications and Articles

* indicates equal contribution.

SafeLLVM: LLVM Without The ROP Gadgets!

Federico Cassano, Charles Bershatsky, Jacob Ginesin. arXiv preprint arXiv:2305.06092, 2023.

A Return-oriented programming attack is when an attacker takes advantage of existing chunks of code in memory, dubbed gadgets, and chains them together to form an attack. We propose an approach to minimize the number of usable gadgets in compiled binaries, extending the methodology of a previous work.

Understanding DNS Query Composition at B-Root

Jacob Ginesin, Jelena Mirkovic. Presented at IEEE/ACM BDCAT2022

We study the validity of traffic at a DNS root server through analyzing historical data.