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jake's about page

Hi! I'm Jake Ginesin, and I love space.

I'm an undergraduate at Northeastern University pursuing a double major in computer science and mathematics. I'm currently employed as a researcher working in Northeastern's Network and Distributed Systems Security Lab where I employ formal methods to analyze internet protocols. Below are a few of my (non-space) interests, and can serve as conversation starters if you'd like:

Mathematics. Mainly logic, category theory, and formal methods.
Security. Verification, cryptography, and network security.
Urbanism. Public transportation, urban planning.
Geopolitics and national security. Mostly Europe, Russia, and China.
Fitness. Endurance and strength training.
Reading. Sci-fi, history, biography.

• Github @JakeGinesin
• LinkedIn @jakeginesin
• Instagram @jakeginesin
• Reddit @jakeginesin

I am generally uninterested in social media and don't post often on any.


Send mail to ginesin (dot) j (at) northeastern (dot) edu or hello (at) jakegines (dot) in. Should you need it, my PGP key:
3AF2 53AF 100D 4724 EB77 603A 2AB0 3833 F8E6 971C


If you're interested in hiring me—here's my résumé


I often get asked about my computing setup, so I created this section to link it whenever.

Main Laptop: x1 Carbon Gen 6 Thinkpad - i7 8550U, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD. Dual booting Arch Linux and Windows 10. My main computer for doing work.

Desktop/Server: Ryzen 7 5800x, RTX 3070, 128GB RAM, 1TB SSD. My main future-proof desktop PC. Currently dual booting Windows 10 (w/ my games), and Arch Linux. Shoutout to Amazon for accidentally sending me an extra 64gb of ram, lmao.

Alternate Laptop: x220 Thinkpad - i5 2430M, 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD. Tri-booting Arch Linux, Linux Mint, and Windows. For if my main laptop is out of commission.

Keyboard: Custom 65% build with Kailh box whites.

Phone: Rooted, heavily stripped down Galaxy Xcover 4s.

Audio: Galaxy Buds, LETSHUOER S12

I have a highly configured Arch Linux setup on my x1 carbon. My configuration files (and pictures!) are located in this Github repository
$ zf --terminal --user
OS:              Arch Linux
KERNEL:          6.3.9-arch1-1
SHELL:           zsh
EDITOR:          nvim

Email List

I maintain an email list. If you're interested in following what I'm up to, you can subscribe here.

Alternatively, you can follow my RSS and Atom feeds.