Hi! I am Jake Ginesin, an undergrad at Northeastern University majoring in computer science and mathematics. I'm a researcher working in Northeastern's Network and Distributed Systems Security Lab where I employ formal methods to analyze internet protocol. Below are a few things that interest me, and can serve as conversation starters for you:

Security. All kinds of it: operational, physical, threat intel, cloud-native, etc.
Privacy-enhancing technologies. Cryptography and differential privacy.
Infrastructure. Internet, electric, application.
Geopolitics and national security; mostly Europe, Russia, and China.
Fitness. Endurance training, calisthenics.
Reading. Sci-fi, high fantasy, biography.

If you're interested, hover here for a face reveal >_>


• Github @JakeGinesin
• LinkedIn @jakeginesin
• Instagram @jakeginesin
• Reddit @jakeginesin

I’m generally uninterested in social media and don’t often post on any.


Send mail to [email protected] or [email protected]. Should you need it, my PGP key:

3AF2 53AF 100D 4724 EB77 603A 2AB0 3833 F8E6 971C


If you're interested in hiring me—here's my résumé


I'm more or less constantly tweaking and improving my setup. My configuration files are located in this github repository.

$ zf --terminal --user
OS:              Arch Linux
KERNEL:          5.19.1-arch2-1
SHELL:           zsh
EDITOR:          nvim