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Spin is a model checker. Use promella (.pml) format to create state machines for which spin can "check" properties, validity, etc.

How to check a trace:
spin -t0 -s -r the-file.pml

How to check a property written in the file given the property is assocated as such:
ltl property {
	always (something = something else)
then check the property with: spin -run -a -DNOREDUCE sctp.pml

Some more basic tools:
• Interactive mode (spin -i)
• Properties and counterexamples (e.g. say "this state is never reached" and then see if it finds a counterexample)
spin -run without arguments checks for deadlocks
spin -- will give you a list of spin commands / params (like a shitty man page missing lots of info)

http://spinroot.com/spin/Man/ for specific man-based information

spinroot.com for more info