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Jake's gardening guide.

How to effectively curate relevant ideas and information in a world overflowing with data and content? The answer is gardening.

seeds. Seed your garden with quality content. Write notes on unique, novel topics that you find interesting. Take smart, easily accessible notes. Look over these every once in a while, all at once. these could range in size from a couple sentenes to a couple paragraphs,

trees. grow your knowledge of any one topic or an intersection between two topics. write in more detail about any one given topic, and publish it to your digital garden.

fruits. Create something more substanantial with your knowledge. Do a sort of "capstone" to show what you have learned, or build something that interests you. document it well.

curating knowledge is a skill, and everyone learns how to do it differently

I hope you can kind of see the pipeline through this site's content structure. My random notes (seeds) are local, as discussed in my blogpost on my organizational setup. Braindumps are shorter and less substenantial, but are more detailed and comprehensive than my local notes. Blog posts are heavier, more detailed, and more complete.

[1] Going from collector to creator is difficult as fuck. I'd like to think most new content (if you could possibly sum up all content created, ever) comes from the combination of two separate topics. That's mostly what I do. I combine two different ideas to create something.