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I prefer firefox over chromium-based browsers. Because firefox is fully open-source, forks exist; of those forks, I daily drive librewolf, a privacy-oriented fork of firefox.

I have a "startpage" I made - e.g., a custom page that's opened whenever I open my browser. Find mine on github here. Also see r/startpages.

I really like using firefox's inbuilt shortcuts to navigate with insane speed. I prefer to just get used to firefox's default stuff so I can still navigate with the same speed whenever I use other machines. Here are my favorites:
control + [, control + ] - move forwards or backwards
alt + home - return home (back to my startpage)
control + l - highlight URL bar
control + b - access bookmarks
control + tab - move right one tab
control + shift + tab - move left one tab
control + t - new blank tab
control + shift + t - restore closed tab

I also have my default search engine set as Wikipedia!


After seeing how neat Qutebrowser is, I've decided to add the vimium extension to librewolf. Yeah, it's kind of cringe. But, it allows me to search webpages, which is nice.

More hotkeys:
/pattern -> to search for (and select) a pattern. enter to move through it.
j/k -> move up and down a webpage
f6 -> de-select the URL (such that you can use the above two hotkeys)

this is a fucking fantastic way to increase my speed when browsing.

Edit 14 sept 2023: I learned you don't actually need vimium for this. neat!

Searching bookmarks with hotkeys

I learned you can use the URL bar to search certain things with certain hotkeys.
* [query] - search bookmakrs
% [query] - search tabs and jump to its
^ [query] - search history