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Created August 20, 2021. Last modified July 11, 2022

Throughout my life I have collected hundreds of URLs leading to content I find interesting or useful. I figured I'd put them all into this repository, because why not.

Competitive Programming

Benjamin Qi's USACO Repo - Ben's competitive programming repository containing his Q&A, solves, and resources - A collection of high quality resources curated for the USA computing olympiad

Um_nik's competitive programming Q&A - Another Q&A - A database of future and active programming competitions

USACO training - Hundreds of hours of computational problem solving instruction and countless practice problems

Programming Language

Data Structres in C - An Article showing several examples of data structures in C

Data Types and Data Structures - Another Article

The C Programming Language - A PDF of the greatest book on programming of all time

Rust Introduction - Rust's highly underrated documentation

Anime.js - An absolutely awesome javascript animation library that, in my opinion, is better than Three.js

Dev Resources

Autohotkey - The best tool for creating hotkeys

Unsplash - Free stock images great for UI design

Pexels - More free images/videos

One Page Love - Pretty One Page Websites

Learn-regex - A great guide on Regular Expressions

Github is my resume - An interesting article on resumes vs portfolios for computer science students

Atom Plugin Guide - A guide on building plugins in Atom

Github Student Pack - Free access to great developer tools if you're a student

How to improve at any programming language - A great read on open source, improvement, and PRs

Carbon - Create really pretty images of your source code

Linux - A huge repository of dotfile repos - Ricing resources

exa - A modern replacement to "ls"

Free Data Repositories/APIs API - Super cool and super powerful weather API

Stanford Large Network Dataset Collection - A massive amount of free data

The-Eye - Massive data preservation community

Wikidata - Massive, free, and open data platform from wikipedia

Hacking - A great resource for anyone trying to learn CTFs.

Earth's Deadliest [Computer] Virus - A great video about Wannacry and Marcus Hutchins

Ctftime - A great place to see upcoming cybersecurity capture-the-flag competitions

Beginner Guide to Securing Selfhosted - A nice guide on securing home networks

Hacker's Manifesto - Probably the coolest thing I've ever read

Sherlock Project - Track down social media accounts

Path To Pentester - Great pastebin

Tech News Sources

Hacker News - The best source of news for any nerdy tech enthusiast (like me!)

Phoronix - Linux/Tech News

N-O-D-E - Bite-sized technology news and interesting inventions

Pluralistic - Daily links. "No trackers, no ads. Black type, white background"

Tech-Oriented wikis

Thinkwiki - A massive repository of information regarding modifying, upgrading, and fixing thinkpads

Arch Linus Wiki - A pretty nutty amount of info on Arch

r/linuxmasterrace Reddit Wiki - Linux documentation project

The Linux Documentation Project - Huuuuge Repo of linux info - More linux documentation :D

r/hacking Reddit Wiki

General/Miscellaneous Technology - A community based upon the old "gopher" internet protocol developed back in 1991. It's hyperminimalistic, hence its small yet dedicated community today.

Tech Jobs For Good - Tech Jobs for Good helps organizations working on social and environmental issues hire tech talent looking for purposeful work. - Mechanical Keyboard Community - Ham Radio License Page

Reverse Proxy Guide - A nice guide on nginx reverse proxies - A really stupidly strong password generator - A great list of alternatives to modern applications that emphasize privacy

IRC Rite Of Passage - A nice IRC guide


Server Software - A list of software for home servers

EtherChange - A great tool for changing the ethernet address of network adapters in Windows

Notion - A super customizable planning tool that's free if you're a student

Samourai Wallet - My Favorite Crypto Wallet

OpenVPN - The best VPN - A great port testing utility

TI-99 Games - Older games based on assembly - An online markdown editor. Great for notes.

Labgopher - A damn good tool for getting deals on ebay


Alcumus - A adaptive service that provides many challenging math problems

Past Contests - A database of past problems from many different math competitions

UC Berkeley Math Handouts - A database of all past UC Berkeley math handouts

AMC Formula Sheets - A Compilation of AMC Formula sheets

Enjoy the Problems - A great blog post on mathmatical problem solving

A Manga Guide to Linear Algebra - A cute educational manga on linear algebra

Wolfram Alpha - Simply an awesome website

Desmos - The greatest equation grapher

MathJax Tutorial and Quick Reference


CSRankings - A website I use to systematically stalk top professors and their research, along with the PhDs and grad students they advise

Sci-Hub - A service providing mass public access research papers

Center for Open Science - A website dedicated to increasing openness, integrity, and reproductibility of research

Library Genesis - Free books galore

Decentralized Library Genesis - A decentralized version of Library Genesis

Z-Lib - Free books galore x2

Overleaf - The best online LaTeX compiler

Arxiv - A free distribution service and an open-access archive for 2 million scholarly articles

Elmira College Research Guide - A nice guide on how to do research

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - A pretty cool hub for research relating to EECS-related stuff

Finding CS Ph.D. programs to apply to - A great video on how to find CS Ph.D programs

How to get into grad school - A fantastic guide on how to get into grad school

Mendeley - A great platform to access tons of research as well as publish. It's kind of like a google scholar alternative

Social Science Research: Principles, Methods, and Practices - A great guide on how to conduct social science research

How To Write A Dissertation or Thesis - A nice guide - The undergraduate research page for my university - A search engine that prioritizes high-text information-dense webpages - A utility that turns scientific papers into HTML

10 Tips For Research And a PhD - Absolutely awesome tips for PhDs and Research (Especially in CS/ML)

Collaboration & Credit Principles - An interesting article discussing trust between researchers

The Academic Family Tree - A massive data repository aiming to build a single, interdisciplinary academic genealogy

Interesting people (is this creepy?)

Danish Prakash - A developer from India whom I think is cool

Lisa Lee - A PhD student in Machine Learning at CMU who likes pokemon

Ethan Weber - an EECS student at MIT who's done tons of cool research

Frédo Durand - A prof at MIT that's done super cool work in synthetic image generation and computational photography

Haohan Wang - A PhD student at CMU who's into computational biology, but chose to take up machine learning as he saw computational bio required more robust neural networks.

Maruan Al-Shedivat - The founding editor of CMU's machine learning blog

Graham Neubig - A really cool CMU prof that does tons of research on natural language processing, namely English or Japanese

Vipul Goyal - A crypto researcher/professor at CMU who's the advisor of the CMU blockchain group. He also taught a cool course at CMU, titled "Great Ideas in Theoretical Computer Science"

Ariel Procaccia - A prof that taught at CMU and Harvard. He's really into the relationship between algorithms and society. He's taught some damn cool courses, namely 'Optimized Democracy' (Harvard CS238) and 'Truth, Justice, and Algorithms' (CMU I5896)

Matt Might - A medicine professor at UAlabama who has tons of awesome articles, talks, and how-tos about computer science, academia, and productivity

Daniel Roy Greenfeld - A an ex-Nasa employee who has written a ton of interesting stuff about programming and code devopment

Edward Z. Yang - A PhD student at Stanford and a Facebook AI Researcher, and he's apart of the team at facebook that develops Pytorch. Here's his super interesting tech blog.

Shriram Krishnamurthi - A CS Prof at Brown whose passion lies in programming languages, but whose also interested in formal methods, HCI, security, and networking. He leads a research group at Brown, and he has written extensively on many interesting topics relevant to academia as a whole.

Noah Stephens-Davidowitz - A Cornell prof whose research mainly focuses on cryptography and the study of lattices

Taesoo Kim - A systems prof at Georgia Tech who's written awesome low-level software

Qntm - An anonymous dude who authors great fiction and writes code - A guy who sells thinkpad mods

Mateus Domingos - A writer and coder

Yosra Hashim - A seriously cool person whose studying medicine. Super smart.

Lain - A guy who writes articles on technology under the alias "lain."

Vilson Vieira - Software engineer, artist, and open source enthusiast.

Ryan Oles - Writes about technology. Super interesting assortment of books.

Daniel Howe - Professor at Hong Kong University whose research focuses on privacy, surveillance, and disinformation.

Neg Serg - A russian guy who has an incredibly sophisicated dotfile setup

Research Papers

Bitcoin - The Bitcoin White Paper

MIT DCI Research Projects - MIT's digital currency initiative research projects

Hashcash - A proof-of-work-based blockchain currency precedining Bitcoin

Awesome Deep Learning Papers - A repo of incredible deep learning/neural network papers

Embodied Multimodel Multitask Learning - A really interesting paper on embodied AI agents with a Dual-Attention model

Consistency by Agreement in Zero-shot Neural Machine Translation - A really cool paper on building consistency of machine translation with the widest possible datasets, specifically "Zero-Shot" cases

Prediction of cardiovascular risk factors from retinal fundus photographs via deep learning - The title speaks for itself, but let me just say that this paper is so stupidly cool

Semi-parallel Logistic Regression for GWAS on Encrypted Data - Uses logistic regression to process homomorphically encrypted data, particularly in the usecase where biomedical data needs to be kept anonymous

Rust Distrilled: An Expressive Tower of Languages - A nice paper on rust

Algorithmic Monoculture and Social Welfare - A fantastic paper that combines Computer Science and Social Science stupidly well

The Ontological Sociology of Cryptocurrency: A Theoretical Exploration of Bitcoin - A fucking awesome disseration on the sociology of cryptocurrency. Fantastic read.

Wikipedia Articles

Linear Regression

Spectral Theory

Zero Day


Power Set

Graph Theory


Instruction Set Architecture


Regular Expressions

Secure Shell

File Transfer Protocol

Discrete Mathematics

Net Neutrality

Morse Code

Post-Quantum Cryptography


NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) - REU sites bring together undergraduate students from around the country to work together over the summer. There are many sites to choose from, each involved in a different research area. This is a very popular option for students interested in finding out what research is like.

CRA Distributed Research Experience for Undergraduates (DREU) - In this program, a student will work with a faculty member in a graduate student research lab on research. Students and faculty both apply to DREU. DREU serves as a matchmaker putting students and faculty with similar interests together. Funding includes a stipend, travel and housing. Open to both US citizens and non-US citizens.

Institute for Broadening Participation - The Pathways to Science web site has a search engine to help you find summer research opportunities. This is a great resource as they maintain a database of many NSF and NASA-funded opportunities, as well as others that are harder to find out about.

MIT Summer Resarch Program - This is an opportunity to work in a research lab at MIT under the supervision of a professor, postdoc or advanced graduate student.

The Broad Summer Research Program - This program allows students to do computational or experimental research in areas such as cancer research, infectious diseases, and computational biology. Takes place at the Broad Institue of MIT and Harvard.

Caltech Student-Faculty Programs - Caltech offers a variety of summer science research opportunities, including ones working with NASA and JPL. Must be a US citizen or permanent resident. Should be interested in pursuing a PhD or an MD/PhD.

Amgen Scholars in Science and Biotechnology - Research opportunity at numerous locations in the US and Japan, including Univeristy of California, Berkeley, Caltech, and Columbia. Must be a US citizen or permanent resident for the US programs. Both US citizens and international students can apply for the programs in Japan.

Summer Institute in Parallel Computational Science - This program is run by the National Center for Atmospheric Research. It offers opportunities to work in high-performance computing aimed at scientific discovery and modeling. Must have completed your sophomore year. Open to international students who are eligible to work in the US.

Facebook University - Facebook offers this 8-week program to rising sophomores

Google Internships - Google has many opportunities for students, like summer internships, AdCamp, and others at locations in the U.S. and abroad. Deadlines vary. Some are very early. In addiiton to regular internships, Google offers Google Engineering Practicum Internship, a 12-week program for first and second year students. Deadline: Late November.

Microsoft - Microsoft has a large summer internship program. Deadline: not posted. In addition to regular internships, Microsoft offers Microsoft Explore, a 12-week summer internship program for first-year and sophomore students

IBM Research - IBM has great opportunities for undergraduate researchers in several locations in the US.

NASA Internships - NASA has lots of opportunities for summer internships and semeseter internships across many science and engineering disciplines

Department of Homeland Security Internships - Open to US citizens entering their junior or senior year

MassTech Intern Partnership - This program matches students studying in Massachusets with firms in the tech sector within Massachusetts. Open to international students

Harvard University CS50 - An introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming.


Eat Well Guide - Search by location for hand-picked restaurants, farms, markets and other sources of local, sustainable food

The Matrix - An interesting article (use tor to access)

Vessi Men's Weekend - An awesome pair of shoes

The World's Most Advanced Video Editing Tutorial - The best video editing tutorial avaiable, done by the main editor for Linus Tech Tips

Lubed Holy Pandas - No explaination needed

Evasive.Tech - Awesome digital art

WTFPL - The epicly named "Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License"

Wired Sounds For Wild People - Lain

How To Get A Busy Person to Respond to Your Email - A great guide

Flea-at-MIT - Nerdy flea market at MIT! What's not to love?

Pool Suite - Retro Internet Radio Station. Synthwave 24/7!