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You may have gotten to this page from a scanning a QR code, or from just browsing my site. Either way, hi.

I've always thought laptop stickers are a cool and unique way to express yourself. So, I thought it'd be interesting to compile the most common laptop stickers from Northeastern and beyond! MIT students did something similar a couple years ago.

So, if you'd like, please email me your laptop stickers at ginesin (dot) j (at) northeastern (dot) edu. A little blurb about yourself would be cool too. To provide some incentive, I'll throw some money your way if you do :D

For an example of what to do, here's a picture of my laptop:

Jake's Laptop


Along with gathering general statistics, I think it'd be interesting to fine-tune Stable Diffusion, novel image generation software, to produce the "average" Northeastern student's laptop stickers. To do so, I'll probably follow the steps in this blog post.

Once I'm done my analysis, I'll post my results in the form of another blogpost. Maybe I'll create an email list to notify interested people. I'll see.