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As lines of code weave into the night's trance,
I, a weary student, grant a tired glance,
To the egg sandwich, my loyal companion and guide,
An oasis of comfort as the deadlines coincide.

In the soft crunch of bread and yolk's warm embrace,
I find my respite, my peaceful solace,
Through the trials and triumphs, the joy and the damage,
My heart cherishes this humble, comforting sandwich.

- me, at 2am, while eating an egg sandwich


The egg sandwich is the best meal for a college student, and the undisputed king of college pragmatism. My roommate introduced me to the sandwich early in my sophomore year, and I haven't looked back since. There exists no better meal in terms of prep time, ease of cooking, cost effectiveness, and customizability.

Although, eggs aren't super healthy, so consume with caution.


Jake's amazing egg sandwich recipe.

• two slices of bread
• one egg
• two bacon strips OR vegetable oil OR an oil substitute
• a pan, a plate, a spatula, and a stove

Optional toppings:
• cheese
• vegetables
• herbs

1. Place the pan onto the stove.
2. Place the bacon onto the pan.
3. Place the slices of bread onto the plate.
4. Heat the stove to sufficient temperature to cook the bacon.
5. Once cooked, place the bacon onto the bread. Keep the stove running.
6. Crack the egg over the pan. The oil left over from the bacon should be sufficient to cook the egg.
7. With the spatula, roughly shape the cooking egg to match the shape of the bread.
8. Pop the yolk.
9. After 30 seconds, flip.
10. After 30 seconds, put the egg onto the bread.
11. Use the other piece of bread to form a sandwich.
12. Consume.


Despite the egg sandwich's numerous strengths, there's one place it falls short: the shelf life of the ingredients is quite poor. Bread gets moldy, and eggs go bad.

Thus, pasta (and to some extent, rice) are the only suitable competition. Pasta and rice have virtually unlimited shelf life and approximately equivalent cost effectiveness, but they take more prep effort. It's a trade-off.

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